We visited an interesting Polish space

We visited an interesting Polish space

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Poland is a country who is rich history long, to see and love. Interesting place is Gdansk and old Castle, built by order of Crusaders, who by several centuries lived. Malbork started "Solidarity", which contributed among other things to the tearing down of the Berlin wall. As interesting city is Wrocław-European capital of culture in 2016. This is the history city of the three cultures. Says It City 100 bridges and a large amount of Arts monuments and other, new happy tourists in this city in the city visitors delight arouse. Zakopane is also notable direction on holiday. Is a city where you can meet "The Highlanders” and enter first peak in Poland-Kasprowy Wierch. For the people Christians we recommend famous Polish city-Częstochowa. Near Jasna Gora see image Black Madonna, touch the remains of Saints and pray in the silence of St faith atmosphere. Four-star Caesar's we recommend daytrip to Bialowieza. National Park Bialowieza, is the oldest forest in Poland|one of the oldest forests in Europe, UNESCO. In Bialowieza meet libertarian. In Bialowieza see also Deer, fallow deer and other animals with hooves. We recommend a tour with a travel agency: http://horyzontytravel.pl If you want to see the city Polish Kings and Renaissance Wawel Castle, today, take a day trip to Krakow. In this historic city continue old town with the cloth Hall, St. Mary's Church and, the famous St. Mary's Basilica, the cloth Hall, the historic market squareand Jewish quarter-Kazimierz. Next to explore in Wieliczka, that is known for its production of salt. Wieliczka as one of the 14 Polish cities is registered in the list of UNESCO. In the salt mine you can see how miners worked in the old days, to pray in the chapels carved in salt and spend the night 300 meters below the ground. For people interested in the second world war and the events in Eastern Europe we recommend Majdanek in Lublin and Zamość and the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The city part of Europe during the past century. Enjoy a day trip also to the present Polish capital of Warsaw, which delight us modernity combined with some of the most beautiful sights in this part of Europe.
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